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Endothelial Cells

Endothelial Cells (EC) line circulatory system vessels, from the aorta to the microvasculature, and form a selective blood-tissue barrier.  ECs are involved in angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, vasoregulation, coagulation and fibrinolysis, but also play roles in cardiovascular disease, metastasis and other pathophysiological processes. CAI endothelial cells have high purity, low passage, rigorous characterization, performance testing, robust growth and different format options.  Products include Proliferating Cells, Cryovials, or user-friendly Kits with optimized Growth Media and supporting reagents for subculture and passage. For an ideal model of cell-cell interaction, our species- and vascular bed- matched Smooth Muscle Cells can be co-cultured with the EC.  By customer request, the cells can be Pre-Screened to demonstrate stimulation-dependent angiogenesis and key signaling pathways.  NEW - Learn about 3D Bioprinting of blood vessels using CAI primary cells

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