Our 3D Cell Models include Airway, with HBEpC differentiated into a pseudostriated epithelium, and Skin, where HEK are differentiated into stratified squamous epithelium.  Both serve as highly physiological three dimensional tissue models for in vitro studies, providing excellent cellular systems to study epithelial function and disease.  The models, created by growing cells on inserts with a liquid/air interface and specialized culture conditions, are offered pre-formed or as a kit containing all necessary materials and detailed instructions.
Airway (Left figure) and Skin (Right figure) 3D Cell Models

The Cell Applications, Inc. Skin Model (Cat# 103-3Dn) is a three-dimensional cell system of Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (HEK) differentiated into stratified squamous epithelium.

This model serves as a more physiological 3D tissue model for in vitro studies (see figure), providing an excellent cellular system to study many aspects of epithelial function and disease, particularly those related to skin biology and toxicology.

The 3-D model is created by growing HEK on inserts and provided them with an liquid/air interface and proper culture conditions.

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