Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells Introduced for Research
SAN DIEGO, Nov 13, 2016 -- Officials at Cell Applications, Inc. announce the launch of a unique model to study neural development, neurotoxicity, differentiation, electrophysiology and disease.  Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells (i-HNSC) are a homogeneous, self-renewing and multipotent population derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (HiPSC). Through partnership with leading stem cell company StemoniX, i-HNSC, and cells derived from them, are useful for drug screening and research.  Like other iPSC and iPSC-derived cells in this offering, the StemoniX next generation manufacturing approach permits large quantities of cells to be produced from a single lot (donor) in a short period of time, cost effectively.
These high purity i-HNSC express typical markers of neural stem and progenitor cells such and are completely validated for viability, differentiation potential, karyotype, morphology, passage number and sterility.  Under controlled conditions, i-HNSC possess the ability to differentiate and consistently generate high yields of functional neural cells like astrocytes, neurons and glia.  “We are excited that the collaboration with StemoniX continues to yield new, leading-edge tools for cell-based discovery and screening,” says Daniel Schroen, VP Sales & Marketing at CAI.  “A number of labs have asked specifically for iPSC-derived neural lineages in large quantities, and now we’re able to deliver.”