When compared side-by-side with leading competitors' transfection reagents, Cytofect™ outperforms them in terms of delivery efficiency and low toxicity across a wide range of primary cells. Additionally, Cytofect™ provides comparable performance in many commonly used cell lines at a lower cost per transfection.
Scientist Feedback:
"I am very excited with the transfection results obtained using Cell Applications, Inc. Cytofect™ Endothelial Cell Transfection kit.  I am using Rat Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells (RBMVEC) that are very difficult to transfect.  I have previously tried several other commercially available transfection reagents, but got only 0 to 10% RBMVEC transfection efficiency and reduced cell viability. However, with Cytofect™ Endothelial Cell Transfection kit, I immediately got over 40% transfection efficiency, and the cells remained very healthy.  With this transfection efficiency I am now able to perform my knockdown studies, which would not be feasible with any other transfection reagent that I tried previously.  So far I have used Cytofect™ Endothelial Cell Transfection kit to transfect pRFT-C-RS vector into RBMVEC, followed by puromycin selection.” - Dr. Yan (Gabriela Brailoiu lab), Thomas Jefferson University
“For ADAM12 augmentation and knock down in vitro, the high efficiency Cytofect™ HUVEC Transfection Kit from Cell Applications, Inc. was used to transfect plasmid containing full-length ADAM12 210 cDNA or shRNA targeting ADAM12 into human umbilical vein endothelial cells. HUVEC and optimized Endothelial Cell Growth Medium were also obtained from Cell Applications, Inc. - Ayotunde Dokun, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Virginia Health System