MSDS R115-500
MSDS R116-500
MSDS R116K-500


Medium carefully optimized for the characteristics and requirements unique to Rat Fibroblasts.  Attention to detail ensures ideal cell health, viability, performance, physiology, morphology, consistency and data.
Use with:
Rat Fibroblast Media for rodent Cardiac, Dermal & Lung cells


Laboratory research use only (RUO). Not for human, clinical, diagnostic or veterinary use.


Product Size CAT.# Price Quantity
Rat Fibroblast Growth Medium: All-in-one ready-to-use media Size: 500 ml CAT.#: R116-500 Price: $114.00
Rat Fibroblast Basal Medium: Basal medium (contains no growth supplement).  Add GS before use. Size: 500 ml CAT.#: R115-500 Price: $74.00
Rat Fibroblast Growth Supplement: Added to Basal Medium to create Growth Medium Size: 50 ml CAT.#: R116-GS Price: $66.00
Rat Fibroblast Growth Medium Kit: Basal medium & growth supplement sold together packaged separately Size: Yields 500 ml CAT.#: R116K-500 Price: $124.00
Rat Fibroblast Basal Medium wo Phenol Red: Basal medium (contains no growth supplement). Add GS before use. Without Phenol Red. Size: 500 ml CAT.#: R115PR-500 Price: $86.00
Rat Fibroblast Growth Medium wo FBS: Growth Medium without FBS Size: 500 ml CAT.#: R116F-500 Price: $131.00
Rat Fibroblast Growth Supplement wo FBS: Growth Supplement without FBS Size: 50 ml CAT.#: R116F-GS Price: $75.00
Rat Fibroblast Growth Medium wo Phenol Red: All-in-one ready-to-use media, without Phenol Red Size: 500 ml CAT.#: R116PR-500 Price: $131.00

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Extended Family Products

Product Size CAT.# Price Quantity
Cytofect Fibroblast Transfection Kit (250 x 24-Wells): 250 x 24-Well Rxns Size: 1 Kit CAT.#: TF103K Price: $465.00
Cytofect Fibroblast Transfection Sample Kit (25 x 24-Wells): 25 x 24-Well Rxns Size: 1 Sample Kit CAT.#: TF103KS Price: $62.00
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