The in vitro MTT colorimetric tetrazolium dye assay employs an NAD(P)H-dependent cellular oxidoreductase enzyme to accurately quantify cell viability. This kit measures cell metabolic activity with low background absorbance values, accurately reflecting the number of viable cells present.  Proliferation rate and cytostatic activity (shift from proliferation to quiescence) can also be assessed. Response to cytotoxic external factors can be measured by quantifying the reduction in cell viability due to apoptosis or necrosis.
(Click to Enlarge) MTT Assay: Colorimetric assay for assessing cell metabolic activity. NAD(P)H-dependent cellular oxidoreductase enzymes reflect the number of viable cells present.


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MTT Assay Kit: MTT cell proliferation assay kit with colorimetric tetrazolium dye Size: 1 Kit CAT.#: 024K Price: $63.00