3D Cell Bioprinting Consortium launching this week at SLAS 2017
WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 6, 2017 – As announced on their new website, the 3D Cell Bioprinting Consortium launchedFebruary 6-8, at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) annual International Conference and Exhibition.  Details about the consortium were available at booth #1718, the location of Digilab, Inc., a distributor at SLAS and member of the consortium .  The 3D Cell Bioprinting Consortium is a collaboration of four companies in the U.S. and in Europe with complementary expertise in 3D Bioprinting.  The Consortium’s mission is to leverage the individual members’ expertise with unique equipment, industry leading reagent supplies and applications support to create complete synergistic solutions for the end-user.  The 3D Cell Bioprinting Consortium provides an internationally based single-source for all 3D Bioprinting needs.  The consortium aims to be a complete Bioprinting solution and single source consultant, simplifying how customers match proper instruments, cells, reagents, matrices 3D and scaffolds. 
The consortium consists of the 3-D Matrix Group, Cell Applications, Inc., AthenaES™ and Digilab, Inc., and is headed by Sid Braginsky, Executive Chairman at Digilab.  Together, the consortium member companies offer a unified source for proven bioprinter and liquid handling systems, printable ECMs, primary cells, culture media, reagents and growth supplements.  Their expert integration on instruments, consumables and knowledge translates into consistent solutions, customization services, technical assistance, out-sourced proof of concept and feasibility studies.  The consortium successfully enacts joint development of bioprinted tissues with academic, corporate, non-profit and government laboratories.  For questions or comments, e-mail the consortium at inquiries@3dcellprinting.com, or to start your project today, go to the One-Stop-Consultant form 3dcellprinting.com/single-source.
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