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Media & Reagents

Cell-Specific Media Optimization

  • Left - Filter by cell, tissue or species at left to select basal medium, growth media optimized for robust proliferation, or maintenance media for non-proliferating cells like adipocytes, hepatocytes and blood cells. 
  • Below - Choose classical, differentiation, induction & starvation medias, freezing solutions, supplements, attachment factors and subculture seagents.

Classical Cell MediaMEM, DMEM, MCDB-105, RPMI 1640

Differentiation / Induction MediaFormulated for specialized phenotypes

Starvation MediaWhen cells must be starved overnight to 24h before assay

Freezing Media Ensures optimal cell survival, recovery after storage

Media Supplements Bovine Insulin, salts, Phenol Red, BPE, FBS, more

Attachment / Matrix Solutions Coatings for optimal cell adhesion

Subculture Reagents Trypsin and related products

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