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BEnEpC: Bovine Endometrial Epithelial Cells

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Bovine Endometrial Epithelial Cells, BEnEpC

Bovine Endometrial Epithelial Cells (BEnEpC) are isolated from epithelium of the bovine endometrium. The cells are cryopreserved at second passage. BEnEpC can be cultured and propagated for at least 10 population doublings. BEnEpC are commonly used with Bovine Endometrial Stromal Cells as an in vitro model for studying maternal recognition of pregnancy, such as the effects of IFN-t and oxytocin,1,2,3 the effects of prostaglandins on the maintenance, or lack thereof, of pregnancy,3,4 and the effects of estradiol and progesterone.5 In addition, it has been shown that BEnEpC can maintain embryo development to blastocyte stage as effectively as oviductal cells.6
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Bovine endometrium epithelium
Cryopreserved ampoule:
2nd passage, >500,000 cells in Bovine Endometrial Basal Media containing 10% FBS & 10% DMSO.
Kit contains:
Ampoule of cryopreserved BEnEpC(B932-05), 500 ml Bovine Endometrial Cell Growth Media (B911-500), and a Subculture Reagent Kit (090K).
Proliferating Cells:
Shipped in Bovine Endometrial Cell Growth Media at 3rd passage in either flasks or multiwell dishes.
Population doublings:
Can be cultured at least 10 doublings

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Cell Products
Product Name Product Description Size Cat. No. Price
Cryopreserved BEnEpC Each kit contains an ampoule of >500,000 cryopreserved cells (B932-05), 500 ml of Bovine Endometrial Growth Medium (B911-500), a Subculture Reagent Kit (090K). 1 Kit
1 Ampoule
Proliferating BEnEpC Cultured and shipped in Bovine Endometrial Growth Medium. T-25 Flask
T-75 Flask
6 well
96 well
Media and Reagents
Product Name Product Description Size Cat. No. Price
Bovine Endometrial Cell Growth Medium Optimized and ready for use 500 ml B911-500 $98
Bovine Endometrial Cell Growth Medium Kit Basal Medium & Growth Supplement packaged separately Yields 500ml B911K-500 $105
Bovine Endometrial Cell Basal Medium Growth Supplement before use 500 ml B910-500 $53
Bovine Endometrial Cell Growth Supplement Added to Basal Medium to create Growth Medium 50 ml x 2 B911-GS $53
Subculture Reagent Kit 100 ml each of HBSS, Trypsin/EDTA & Trypsin Neutralizing Solution 100 ml 090K $51